The Selectiva team is composed by a group of passionate people who love design, luxury real estate and the Costa del Sol. A team that enjoys contact with the client, multilingual Selectiva Estate has extensive experience and innovative know-how to fulfill the expectations of our clients.

The Selectiva team is composed by a group of passionate people who are in love with design, luxury real estate and the Costa del Sol. We are very different and complement each other, but, at the same time, we have several common denominators that we share, such as our extensive experience in the sector and an innovative know-how that helps us to meet the expectations of our clients. This is the Selectiva team:

Christophe Charcot 

With a rigorous and mathematical mind, he loves to take care of Selectiva’s management and administration issues.

With experience in various business schools, where he worked as a sales representative for large groups, his entrepreneurial spirit always drives him to create new projects. In this way, our colleague Christophe has been the creator of several companies throughout his professional career, experiencing successes, but also failures that taught him along the way.

Already established for several years in the real estate sector, what we can highlight about Christophe as an agent at Selectiva is his passion for the relationship with the client, as well as with our partners. A relationship that always proves to be solid, because of his loyalty and honesty, features that are fundamental when it comes to creating bonds of trust that remain in the long term. With a talent for solving any request that the client transmits to us in a pragmatic way, thanks to his ability to listen and analyze and his mastery of emotions. He himself says “all the experiences acquired are part of the values transmitted by Selectiva, and I am very proud to be part of this team”.

If we had to describe Christophe’s great qualities, we would say that he is always enthusiastic about discovering and learning, that’s why he is passionate about traveling, culture and art. He also likes to get lost in nature on his motorcycle.

Another of his great passions is meeting people, that’s why he always organizes the best parties and is ready to dance and laugh until the sun comes up.

Céline Foléa

Our colleague Céline is the joy of Selectiva, always brightening up our days with her intelligent humor.

Her love of nature led her to specialize in the field of geology, with a Higher Diploma in Quality Management.

But our colleague Céline’s professional life has been linked to the real estate sector for more than 20 years. At first, from the perspective of advertising, marketing and real estate communication, to later move to a position more focused on field work, which makes her knowledge of the market very extensive.

A truly empathic person, who always knows how to identify the needs of customers, even before they have them. With great listening and analytical skills. A born negotiator. She herself says “real estate is the most exciting job I know, every day is a new challenge where you have to adapt quickly, combining the understanding and / or research of a client with market analysis. I love my job”.

As for our colleague Céline’s passions, we could highlight that she has a great love for nature, so she enjoys simple hobbies such as walking or swimming.

She also loves discovering new places and meeting new people and is happy to cook for her guests.

Jacques Balez

Passionate about communication and contact with people, our colleague Jacques has a gift for social relations and this is evident.

He started his professional career in the field of sales and management, thanks to his leadership skills, to then discover his true passion, the real estate sector, in which he has been working for more than 15 years now, with experience in different countries, Spain, Greece, France and Switzerland.

We could highlight many of Jacques’ qualities that help him to achieve his goals as a real estate agent, but above all it is worth mentioning his perceptive, curious and dynamic mind. His social skills and great ability to listen and understand make him able to comprehend and adapt almost immediately to any type of culture to which the client belongs. He himself says “I like this job because of the contact with people, to be part of the realization of their project. Every day is different”.

As for his passions, as a good former equestrian contest rider, he enjoys nature and sports. He is also passionate about reading, music and motorcycles.