Selectiva is born from the word selection, because of the importance of this concept in our work procedure. Our activity is based on this concept.  

At Selectiva we are in a constant search for high-quality apartments and villas, and we only offer carefully selected properties, as well as our own developments, in order to satisfy the high expectations of our international clients.

Selectiva is made up of a multidisciplinary team, formed by professionals with long experience in the sector, covering all fields related to the real estate market. No matter what requirements and motivations our clients may have, at Selectiva we have the capacity to fulfill all your expectations.

Why choose Selectiva?

Working with us means making sure you have the support of true professionals, with extensive experience in the real estate sector, who will accompany you through all the stages of your project.

One of our basic pillars is commitment, we support you from the beginning to the end of your buying or selling process. Our assistance continues even after the process, in any management in which you need our help, because, once you join the ‘Selectiva family’, you are part of it forever.

We are passionate about what we do. Our strengths are:

Valuation: we determine the market value of your property.

Search: we find the ideal property for you. This process is very important for us, we know that somewhere there is the perfect house for you, your home, we just need to have the key information to find it. To do this, we always like to listen to you, your dreams, aspirations, living style, preferences, your family…everything is important for us.

Buy/sell: we know how to buy and sell well, this means, at the best price. For this, we have the best negotiators among our team.

New projects: we like design, innovation, and high-quality materials, that is why our projects become a concept of life whose main objectives are comfort, mobility and respect for the environment. From Selectiva we take care of the purchase of plots and build apartments and villas that are adapted to our concepts of the highest quality standards. We work with the best international professionals in the market (architects, designers, builders and construction professionals …).

Renovation: if you need to renovate a space, we can also help you. Our team works with the most advanced technologies and ecological materials on the market, to achieve the highest quality and design, but also the most sustainable result.

Assistance: our assistance and support work is very broad, from administrative support (NIE, bank, educational registrations…), legal (gestoría, tax expert) and notarial (to become a landlord). Whatever you need, we can help you. All our experience and knowledge are at your disposal

Selectiva also means

Feeling heard: your wishes and needs are important for us.

Always being informed: Only honesty and loyalty, no filters, no small print.

Working with passionate people: we love what we do, doing what we love.

Work with an innovative team: we create and develop the real estate world of tomorrow.

Always guided and accompanied: from start to finish, always by your side.