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The most select urbanizations and areas of Marbella 15 de noviembre de 2021

Are you thinking of living in Marbella? Do you dream of waking up in a luxury penthouse on the beachfront? Or are you one of those who prefer to enjoy the warm days in a private villa? If you are wondering where you could live in Marbella, these urbanizations will offer you all the necessary […]

Reasons to retire in the Costa del Sol (Marbella)

More and more people are choosing the Costa del Sol to live their retirement from the working world. Among all the cities bathed by the Costa del Sol, Marbella is one of the favorites to buy a home and stay to live when work obligations disappear. Its many attractions become compelling reasons to stay and […]

The fiscal advantages of investing in a house in Spain 05 de noviembre de 2021

If you are considering investing in real estate in Spain, today’s post is for you. As an introduction, we advance you that Spain has a good taxation for those people who rent houses. In fact, in Spain, governments have always tried to make it easier for small investors to rent their homes without any problem. […]

trends foR HOUSE investors 21 de octubre de 2021

After a year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, the real estate sector is currently in a situation of optimism and growth. This was reflected in CBRE’s EMEA Investor Survey 2021, which stated that 55% of real estate investors expected to increase their purchases in 2021.  Are you interested in investing in a property? Do you […]