Architectural and interior design trends are constantly changing. If you are at the point where you want to build your own home or renovate it, you need to know some concepts that you must take into account in this process. If you are passionate about these subjects, we are sure that you know or are familiar with many of the following concepts. And if, on the other hand, you want to keep up to date with the most exclusive trends of the moment, read on!

1.Sustainability. It will be one of the main movements that will mark the new architectural trend. For several years now, this concept has been very much taken into account in the construction and design of homes, due to the climate crisis ravaging the planet. Energy from renewable sources, eco-friendly appliances, efficient air conditioning systems and the use of sustainable materials are key to reducing environmental impact. Nowadays, luxury and sustainability go hand in hand, and there are endless options to make your home a much more sustainable space.

Villa Alma

2. Artistic pieces. Works of art are always a must. But now, more than ever, the trend is to give them the attention they deserve, carefully choosing the most suitable place for each of the pieces. Having works of art at home is not just a matter of hanging pictures on the walls; vases, sculptures or any other type of artwork, it is essential that they have their own place, so that everything is in balance and harmony.

3. Versatility and spaciousness. As a result of the situation experienced since 2020, the use given to each of the rooms in a home has become more flexible. We spend more time at home, and the possibility of being able to conveniently and easily change the main function of each room is crucial. For example, having the option of installing a remote work corner in the living room, or setting up a small gym in one of the rooms of the house that is less frequented.

Likewise, it is essential to have much more diaphanous and open spaces. The open concept is gaining weight in recent months, as well as improving the continuity between each of the rooms in the house.

4. Natural elements. Natural materials are becoming increasingly important in homes. Elements such as marble, wood or stone are, themselves, decorative pieces that bring exclusivity and elegance to your home. They can be used on walls, floors, stairs or any other type of decoration. 

Regarding wood, to create much more welcoming spaces, the most recommended woods are: oak, mahogany, walnut, beech and cherry. Furthermore, stone will help us to create exclusive elements of exceptional aesthetic, such as columns, worktops, staircases or even outdoor furniture, due to its great resistance. 

Villa Blanca

5. Historic furniture. The true definition of exclusivity and elegance is knowing how to combine, correctly and harmoniously, unique custom-made furniture with pieces from another period. You can start by introducing some of these elements, as it can be difficult to integrate them in rooms with a very marked style. Consider starting with mirrors, a special sideboard, a sofa with personality or more decorative pieces such as vases, sculptures or a vintage headboard.

6. Minimalism in some of the areas. We can allow ourselves some ostentatiousness in some of the rooms of the house, such as the living room or a bedroom, but rooms such as the kitchen and bathrooms should follow a minimalist style.  Clean design, simple decoration and neutral colours are the basics to bear in mind in these two rooms if we want to follow current design trends. Opt for white or neutral tones to gain luminosity and furniture with straight lines to bring harmony.

7. Style. In terms of decorative style, the current trend is industrial, characterised by simple lines, flat roofs, symmetry, large panoramic windows, open spaces and the use of natural materials such as brick, cement, glass, metal, wood and stone. 

Home automation
  1. Home automation. Although this concept has been more than familiar for a while, in the last few months it has become a real revolution, with the aim of increasing comfort at home and reducing energy costs. Nowadays, it is possible to integrate customized intelligent systems that are 100% adapted to your needs. Total control of all the components of your home is just a click away.

Which trend do you prefer? At Selectiva we have a team of specialists in architecture and decoration who can help you choose what best suits the home of your dreams.