The Selectiva team are pleased to welcome a new partner to our professional group: Groove Garden Design, a landscaping and service company dedicated to the garden design, construction and maintenance. They are specialized at landscaping at its best. Among their areas of expertise are the following, design of exclusive gardens tailored to the client, vertical gardens, study of plants, sustainable gardens, natural pools, irrigation system, construction and maintenance. The technology we use allows them to create entire ecosystems with trees, shrubs, perennials, and rooftop gardens.

We chose to be partners with them because we shared our vision of a highquality customer service, where each part of the process is treated in an almost artisanal way.

Filip and Rocío, from Groove Garden Design, and Céline, from Selectiva

The idea of ​​Groove Garden Design was born in 1998 in Poland, and it has grown and improved notably, expanding to different parts of the world, including England and Spain.

The passion and respect they feel for the environment leads them to the responsibility of raising awareness and making this world a “better garden”.

Another aspect we Selectiva and Groove Garden Design share is that we are both companies a nature lover. The way they listen to our mother Earth and they contribute more and more to the cause, with sustainable projects and larger plantations, made us realize we wanted them to be part of our professional’s community.

Meet the team

Filip Koziel. He has been perfecting his work within landscape architecture since 1998. During five years 2000 and 2005 award winning Garden Designer in Warsaw. (Warsaw in flowers). His vision includes traditional gardening arts as well as the latest global trends.

Rocío Teba is a specialist in coordination, communication, service distribution and customer service. Consultant, creative and budget manager for Groove Garden Design.

The process

The Groove Garden Design team will help you design an outdoor space tailored to your needs. This is why, their procedure is based in working closely with clients and architects to achieve a personalized outcome suited to your lifestyle. In this process, they will need to know some previous information, such as how the space will be used, the level of maintenance desired, and how the garden will interact with the site. By working together with you, they will be able to achieve a garden truly reflective of you.

The first meeting: the wishes and the place

A first meeting with you, the owner of the future garden. It can be in person or simply through a video call. It allows them to know your needs, desires and priorities and establish contact with the space and its surroundings. It is a key meeting to obtain a general vision in which both the determining factors of the space and the virtues to be promoted are clear. That first meeting already allows to suggest ideas on how to face the project.

The measurements and dimensions, together with the photographing of the terrain, its elements and the building, will allow them to have a complete analysis of the space.

First proposal

The Groove Garden Design will provide you with a general layout plan with one or more perspectives handcrafted with a high degree of realism; in some cases, it is complemented by computer generated perspectives and sections.

The final design

They will make a first proposal; all the necessary variants and changes are developed until the project fits our wishes. The final design, together with the detailed plans, allows a first budget to be advanced.

Technical direction and realization

Groove Garden Design is in charge of the technical direction, since the presence of the landscaper in the different phases of the process is essential, especially during the layout of the plant and subsequent planting, at which time the projected-on paper is adjusted and nuanced. This is the only way to ensure a realization adjusted to the requirements of what is agreed with you.


The Groove Garden Design also provide specialized service in plant study or any other consultation with total professionalism, experience and specific knowledge in this area.