Did you know that there are some details in your home that can influence your mood? Factors such as colors, lighting and order are key for us to feel calm in each of the rooms

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There are aspects of our daily lives that we can’t change to make us feel better. But… would you say no to change some details of your home if they make you happier? The so-called emotional decoration is a technique that aims to generate positive emotions through a more comfortable, safe and personal home. Equally, we will also explore another concept, neuroarchitecture, which is the study based on how our body and brain responds to artificial environments.

What can you change in your home to transmit better vibrations? Read on!


According to Feng Shui theory, colors are not just another decorative element. Some tones have the ability to attract good energies in the home, in addition to positively influence our mood. In this sense, these would be the colors you should choose according to the emotion you are looking for:

  • Yellow: This tone is perfect for work or study areas. This color palette is able to stimulate the brain and improve concentration, besides being perfect for lifting the mood, as it brings a lot of brightness to the room.
  • Blue: This chromatic color range incites to relaxation; therefore, it is ideal to reduce stress and will help to fall asleep much better. That is why these tones are suitable for bedrooms and living rooms, as well as for the rooms of the little ones in the house.
  • Green: This color palette conveys balance and freshness, and a huge cozy feeling. It is recommended for those spaces that we dedicate to disconnection, such as a reading area, for example.
  • White: One of the most used tones in homes. White gives a feeling of spaciousness, serenity and order, so it is ideal for any room in the home, as it will fill with peace and light.

2. Order

One of the maxims of Feng Shui is order and cleanliness in our home. Accumulating objects can cause us a feeling of anxiety and blockage, as well as having an overloaded and excessive decoration. If you feel this way, it is time to organize: get rid of what you no longer use and reorganize the rest. Do a complete cleaning, just keep the essentials, and you will see how the energy starts to flow again. Also, opt for storage furniture and shelves so that the feeling of order is much greater.

3. Lighting

Lighting is an essential factor for well-being in our home. Don’t you feel much better in a house with large windows that fill every room with light? Or isn’t it a unique sensation to feel the first rays of sunshine when you’re still in bed? Natural light gets us to release endorphins and serotonin, also called ‘happiness hormones’. Let’s get as far away from artificial light as possible and flood our home with sunlight, which also greatly promotes creativity and optimism.

In the event that artificial lighting is essential, opt for one that is warm and indirect, so it will give a much cozier feeling.

4. Plants and natural elements

Is there anything more relaxing than a walk in the countryside? The pleasant sounds of nature, being surrounded by vegetation and the soft smells of trees and plants convey wellbeing. The connection with nature is vital; therefore, it is key to introduce it in our home, through plants and fresh flowers in the different rooms we decide. Likewise, opt for natural materials and elements for the decoration and furniture of your home.

5. Ceilings

The height of a home’s ceiling can affect physical and mental health. This conclusion is the result of several research studies, which state that high ceilings activate the right side of the brain, which is associated with abstract thinking. However, in rooms with low ceilings it is the left section of the brain that is activated, which is associated with the ability of concentration.

6. Smells

Of course, smells are essential to revitalize our mood. It is a factor to take into account in our home so that it is always according to our tastes and preferences. Always have scented candles or incense of different aromas at hand for different moments: it is the easiest way to bring a pleasant smell to our home. Likewise, devices such as humidifiers and vaporizers with essential oils are interesting to always have a good smell at home. Do not forget to ventilate the different rooms of your home every day.