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At Selectiva Real Estate we like to be up to date with the latest trends related to the luxury real estate sector, in order to make our clients’ experience as special as possible, in order to meet their expectations. That is why our team of collaborators is always growing, enriched with new professionals who bring new perspectives and expert knowledge on different subjects. In this case, we have spoken with Adrián Guerrero and Jordi Castelló, co-founders of Aprendocrypto, the new company that joins Selectiva’s collaborators team.

In Aprendocrypto they help all those people who want to enter the world of cryptocurrencies, from those who have no previous knowledge, to large companies that want to integrate cryptocurrencies in their business.

Aprendocrypto members have more than 4 years experience in the cryptocurrency industry, where they have been able to work in one of the largest multinationals in the cryptocurrency world. They have extensive training in the world of cryptocurrencies, trading, management and research. In addition, they have professional backgrounds in more traditional economic sectors such as the stock market.

Adrián Guerrero and Jordi Castelló, co-founders of Aprendocrypto

We chat with them to tell you everything you need to know if you decide to buy your home using any virtual currency.

What is crypto money?

A cryptocurrency is a purely digital form of money or currency that needs no intermediaries. Because they are digital, it is possible to send them anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds. And best of all, we can do it without the need of intermediaries such as a bank. And just like any other currency, you can exchange them for goods and services. Just as we do today with traditional currencies such as the Euro or the Dollar.

What security measures are taken to secure these transactions?

First of all, to keep your cryptocurrencies safe there are strategies such as using offline wallets (Ledger) to avoid all kinds of hacks.

Then, in order to make a transaction securely you must check that the wallet addresses are copied correctly. You must also run them over the same network and make sure that your network is secure.
Nowadays it is very common to suffer frauds due to the lack of knowledge and the strong demand in the sector. It is very easy to fall into them without the correct supervision and analysis.

What is the current situation of cryptocurrencies?

The market currently reflects a lot of fear based on Bitcoin’s price action. In combination with this, there is a lack of knowledge, vision and understanding of the technology behind it.

With this current situation it is very necessary to have a clear and professional strategy in order not to lose big capital. Going by market sentiments will only lead you to make worse decisions.

Is the price stable or subject to strong fluctuations?

The price of most cryptocurrencies is subject to volatility, but we also have cryptocurrencies that are fixed to the price of the dollar and are stable, so their price never fluctuates.

But we should not be afraid of volatility if we have the right strategies, as it is a very profitable sector due to the great volatility it provides.

Adrián Guerrero

What are the predictions of independent specialists about the future of cryptocurrencies?

The predictions of the specialists in the sector are a growth and adoption of cryptocurrency technology worldwide. We all agree that in large technology companies such as Tesla, Apple, or Microsoft are the best workers in the world and these companies are already adopting the technology of cryptocurrencies, so this indicates what may be the near future.

Another revealing fact is that in 2021 there has been a 90% increase in the demand for jobs at the technological level, and in contrast, the demand for jobs related to blockchain technology has increased by 400% (3 times more than generic technology).

Once the transaction is completed, how can I exchange them to euros?

We have 2 different ways to exchange Cryptos to euros, through a centralized cryptocurrency exchange house or through the well-known Peer to Peer, which consists of exchanging Cryptos to euros in a face-to-face exchange between two people.

Jordi Castelló

Do I have to pay a fee?

No, your cryptocurrencies are not subject to any fees or interest.

What are the terms? Transaction? Exchange to currencies?

The execution time depends on the network where you run it. The fastest networks such as Tron (TRC-20) usually take between 1-5 minutes, or even seconds.

The exchange rate, the changeover to euros depends on the cashing methods of the specific exchange house you want to use.

At the tax level, how is this transaction qualified / taxed?

Cryptocurrencies are subject to different regulations depending on the country where they are taxed. The best thing to do is to conduct a case study and see how the regulations are enforced in that country.

In the case of Spain, it should be declared by applying the Model 720 and it is also obligatory to declare all those cryptocurrencies located offshore whose balance exceeds €50,000. It is always advisable to consult a tax advisor who understands the Crypto sector and explains how decentralized bonds work to ensure proper compliance.

Furthermore, it should be added that in Spain, although there are regulations, they are still somewhat unclear and imprecise.